Zion Christian Church



Zion Christian Church (ZCC) is one of the oldest independent African churches in Zimbabwe. It was established when Reverend Samuel Mutendi received spiritual baptism in 1913. Rev. Samuel Mutendi (1880 – 1976) was born and grew up in the province of Fort Victoria (now Masvingo) when https://es.medadvice.net/vita-energy/ medadvice.net the country was still Southern Rhodesia under British colonial rule. Samuel Mutendi was visited by the Holy Spirit in 1913 whilst working as a policeman for the British South African Police (BSAP) in what was then called Hartley (now Chegutu). His selfless dedication to Christ’s mission, his powerful preaching of the Word of God amongst the African people and his amazing gift of spiritual healing have been chronicled since colonial Rhodesia. After 63 years of Christian ministry preaching around the country Samuel Mutendi died in 1976 and his eventful end and promotion to glory has been the subject of dialogue and testimony for the past four decades.

His son Nehemiah Mutendi (born 1939) was consecrated as Bishop in 1978 and has led this dynamic church for the past 36 years. He carries on the mission of his late father and at the helm has overseen the rapid growth of the church in urban centers of the country, and infused it with a global vision as seen in the establishment of parishes in neighboring countries and many other countries around the world [link to Contact page for all parishes here]. With its foundation rooted in the infallible Word of God and the primacy of biblical law, as manifested in the exemplary life of Jesus Christ, ZCC continues to set the standard for excellence in African Christian ministry. This is seen in the mark made in the lives of thousands of once hopeless individuals and families who were https://es.medadvice.net/vita-energy/ medadvice.net ensnared by illness, poverty and ignorance but have received a new lease of life through the church.

At present, the church is involved in many social service activities such as running several schools as well as relief and development programs for the disadvantaged members of society in the country. For more information about the church’s history please check our History page.

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