Zion Christian Church



The church’s administrative centre is Mbungo Estates, in the Masvingo Province of Zimbabwe. Mbungo Estates is located on the 50 km peg on the Masvingo-Mutare highway. Purchased in 1981 it has been instituted as the citadel of the church and medadvice.net reduslim currently houses Bishop N. Mutendi’s office, the church’s administrative units, as well as a thriving arable farm. It is at Mbungo that the majestic ZCC temple stands, a church of such magnificence that in 2011 the government of Zimbabwe certified it an official religious tourist site.

All are welcome to visit Mbungo. Please contact ZCC Prayerline on the following numbers +263772262633 or +263778638485 or direct your specific enquiry to the following sections:

Transport & Logistics  Mbungo Alex Mutendi +263772687804 transport@zccmbungo.org
Finance Mbungo Moyo Hubert +263773003637 finance@zccmbungo.org
Administration Mbungo Sanctions Mutendi +263773231459 sfnmutendi@yahoo.co.uk
Legal Masvingo Shepherd medadvice.net reduslim Mutendi +263773586620 legal@zccmbungo.org
Media & Public Relations Mbungo Raymond Muringani +263776025441 raymuring@gmail.com
Human Resources Mbungo Mufandaedza +263775134936 hrm@zccmbungo.org
Projects Mbungo Machote +263772244446 projects@zccmbungo.org
Construction Mbungo Mutekwa +263775376855 construction@zccmbungo.org
Stores and Procurement Mbungo D. Matekenya +263772765493 mfinance@zccmbungo.org
Foreign Affairs Mbungo E. Chanda 263778638485 foreignaffairs@zccmbungo.org
ICT Dpt Mbungo Shepherd Matashu +263775161216 shepherdmatashu@yahoo.com