Zion Christian Church



The membership of the Church is open to any person provided:

  1. He/She has repented and accepted Jesus Christ as his/her Savior
  2. He/she is baptized by being immersed in water by a senior member of the Church authorized to do so
  3. The baptism is administered in the presence of local Church members
  4. His/her name and particulars are immediately forwarded to the Head Office of the Church, and
  5. He/she is prepared to abide to the provisions of the Constitution of the Church and the doctrinal principles, responsibilities and behavioural practices expected of members of the Church


A new member is assimilated into the following peer groups:

  • Masvowani which is the ZCC Youth Movement, or
  • Ruwadzano which is the ZCC Women’s League, or
  • Sungano which is the ZCC Men’s League
  • Dhorobheni Co-operative which is the Town Worker’s Union, or
  • Kokoroni which is the Skilled/Unskilled Volunteers, or
  • Any such other peer group as the Church shall deem appropriate in the circumstance